Unreal Engine 4 New-gen Masterpiece of MMORPG

‘ARKA’ is a magic MMO mobile game masterpiece with a high degree of freedom. It uses world-leading Unreal Engine 4 technology to create a seamless world of 9 million square meters and achieve 360° free battle. The new-gen four-dimensional picture and domestic top dubbing team, make a 3D IMAX film-quality visual feast for players. The world view is huge with unique plots of ups and downs. Players can make different friends and enjoy fair competition, with the mission of wake up the goddess to save the world. By rejecting monotonous tasks and developing multi-line growth, this game provides multiple interesting dungeons, cross-server guild wars, love social and other well-designed systems, bringing a new MMO game experience for players.


-Ultimate visual impact, seamless magic world

The first magic MMO mobile game in Chia that uses the world-leading Unreal Engine 4 technology to create a seamless world of 9 million square meter and a 3D space of 18 billion cubic meters. With the addition of new-gen dynamic modeling and light shadow rendering, every place has a different scenery. The skeletal animation technology makes the character actions natural and powerful, and the exquisite material makes picture details full and realistic, bringing unprecedented visual impact.

-Free air battle, fight for the sky overload

The air battle in ‘ARKA’ truly achieves 360° free angle. Players can not only fight with evil dragon, but also PK with others. Through the realistic physical computing effect, UE4 brings a magnificent movie-level game experience.

-Four game roles with their own characteristics

Four game roles, Berserkers, Magicians, Shadow Dancers and Guardians all have distinct characteristics. Each role has its own background story and unique strong skills with multiple combinations. Distinctive growth route constitutes a deep-development gameplay, so that each role can create its own legend on the battlefield.

-Gorgeous wings and mounts, free air battle

‘ARKA’ provides gorgeous wings and model clothes. Players can freely match the game characters to become fashionable. Dragons, beasts and other cool mounts can take players straight up to the clouds to overlook the wonderful scenery of this mainland. The original air-to-ground raid gameplay and the air-to-air battle can make the dazzling skills burst in the sky, letting the whole world see player’s heroic performance.

-Form a team with friends to pioneer the mainland, compete with different guild

Multiple social system and real-time voice interaction make players team up without delay. Players can form a team to fight with strong world BOSS, or challenge other players one-to-one. 100v100, 200v200, 300v300 cross-server guild battle also shakes the whole mainland.

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